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Within the holiness ranks, there are two bible colleges that are well known to prepare our young people for service to the Lord and holding Holiness standards. Both schools are listed here.

I need to state here that I have a son that has graduated from FGBI and a son that has graduated from Heritage. From my experience, one is not better than the other. The ministry of each school is different.

Free Gospel Bible Institute (FGBI)

Free Gospel Bible Institute was born in a mighty outpouring of the Spirit during the 1957 Free Gospel Camp Meeting.  Out of this glorious manifestation of Pentecostal power, God birthed a place where students would separate from the world and consecrate themselves fully to the service of the Lord. 

FGBI operates from a “Spirit First” perspective.  The foundational principles necessary for a successful Christian life and ministry are: 

  • Born of the Spirit,
  • Filled with Spirit
  • Walking in the Spirit

We strive to present a Biblical basis for all that we believe so the student can be fully equipped to live and minister in the power of the Holy Ghost.  (Expound)

It is our mission to send forth graduates that are “Educated in Biblical Truth and Enabled by the Holy Ghost” for a lifetime of ministry, whether it be in their local church or one of the five fold ministry offices. 

Our faculty is dedicated to advancing Biblical truth in the power of the Spirit so that the power of God can become a reality in your life and ministry! 

Our 75-acre campus offers a place of refuge from the world, a refreshing in the Spirit and a time to become rooted in God’s Word! 

FGBI graduates have impacted the Holiness Pentecostal Movement in the USA for more than six decades  and will continue to do so as men and women such as you embrace the call of God to a life of consecration and service.   

Free Gospel Bible Institute Contact Information

Office Phone: 724-327-5454
Fax: 724:327-3419

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 477
Export, PA 15632

Street Address
6525 Italy Road
Export, PA 15632


Free Gospel Bible Institute is currently not accredited. However, Free Gospel Bible Institute is authorized under federal law to enroll International Students.

Heritage Bible College

Heritage Bible College was founded to equip students with professional competence, academic distinction, and an informed Biblical worldview. It is intended that the students will be set apart as people whose experience is Pentecostal, whose standard is holiness, and whose goal is excellence in all things for the Glory of God.

In order to achieve this mission, Heritage Bible College has stated the following institutional goals that they desire to be achieved in the lives of all students and in all programs.

Professional Competence: 

  • Exhibit evidence of having mastered core competencies
    and acquired knowledge related to their field of study.

Academic Distinction: 

  • Exhibit a high degree of information literacy and communication skills.
  • Exhibit an introductory understanding of a broad range of subjects.
  • Exhibit an ability to learn on one’s own and a lifelong passion to continue learning.

Informed Biblical Worldview:  

  • Exhibit evidence of being Christ-centered through knowledge of the Bible, active and faithful involvement in church, personal testimony and lifestyle.
  • Exhibit evidence of Christian character through the internalization of the Biblical principles taught by Heritage and respect for its core values and the faith and practices from the Pentecostal Holiness worldview.
  • Exhibit evidence of commitment to ministry, regardless of the educational field or profession, by faithful participation in ministry opportunities of the local church and global evangelism. 

Heritage Bible College Contact Information

Office Phone: 912-921-0088

Street Address
474 Little Neck Road
Savannah, Ga 31419

Website: HeritageBible.College

Heritage Bible College is not currently accredited. However, as of Sept 27th, 2017, Heritage holds applicant status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation

Applicant status is a pre-membership status granted to those institutions that meet the ABHE Conditions of Eligibility and that possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving candidate status within five years. Please see below:

Heritage Bible College holds applicant status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (COA). The institution was last reviewed by the COA in June 2017. The first comprehensive team visit is anticipated for the fall of 2021, followed by a COA review for candidate status in February 2022. The institution’s current status expires February 28, 2023.

The institution was granted applicant status on the basis that it evidences satisfaction of ABHE’s Conditions of Eligibility and possesses such qualities as might provide a basis for achieving candidate status within a maximum of five years. The institution is currently in good standing with the ABHE Commission on Accreditation, and no sanctions (warning, probation, show cause why accreditation should be continued) are in effect.

Applicant status applies to the institution as a whole and includes all educational programs offered by the institution.

To learn more about either of these two institutions, please contact them or visit there websites.

Brother Scott

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in march of 1984. I was in the Navy at this time. It became my greatest desire to draw closer to God. Since that day I have been led by God's Spirit and the scriptures to live a life of Holiness. Holiness is not a bunch of rules, but rather it is the conviction and desire that I am pleasing to God in my life. These convictions are then what set the boundaries of my conduct and actions in life.

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